WpTwin Special Pro by Ben Murray – Review

WpTwin Special Pro by Ben Murray – Review

WpTwin Special Pro review – Now you can save your website with this WpTwin Special Pro, the ultimate, time-tested site backup, clone, move, and restore solution. You can save your website from hackers: bad plugins, server crashes, malware, user errors, deleted files, bad commands, buggy updates, and so forth. Don’t let them kill your website at any given time!

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What is WpTwin Special Pro?

If you want to protect your WordPress website and your income before getting riped away from you, there is only one true, time-tested solution avalaible – WpTwin Special Pro!

WpTwin Special Pro Review – The Best, Time-Tested Site Backup And Restore Solution
WpTwin Special Pro Review

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WpTwin Special Pro by Ben Murray – Review

WpTwin Special Pro is a product by Ben Murray. This is the best, time-tested site backup and restore solution (and ultimate marketing weapon). What you need to do is just upload the WpTwin script to your website, click clone, and boom! You have just created a carbon copy of your website, including:

  • Your pages and posts

  • Setting

  • Apps

  • Content

  • Data

  • Plugins

  • Comments

  • Active and Inactive themes

  • WP core

  • User Accounts

  • WP database

  • Media

  • And much more…

It is all safely cloned, ready to move to another domain or server if your current website ever goes down for any size site. However, WpTwin Special Pro is not only for backing up and saving sites.

It is also the ultimate marketers weapon!

WpTwin Special Pro allows you to create affiliate websites or local biz websites for clients in just a couple of clicks. And now, you are able to bypass hours, days, or even weeks of manual labor and set up a perfect clone instantly of any website you want in seconds rank for different long-tail keywords.

And let your self be on way to making a full time affiliate income like Ben does!

WpTwin Special Pro Review – The Best, Time-Tested Site Backup And Restore Solution
WpTwin Special Pro Review
WpTwin Special Pro Review – DOES IT REALLY WORK?: The Ultimate, Time-Tested Cloud Site Backup, Clone, Move, And Restore Solution
WpTwin Special Pro Review

What are the features of WpTwin Special Pro?

  • It Runs On Pc, Mac, Ipad, Android, And A Lot More.

    It does not matter what you use to backup, clone, and deploy your sites. You can do it as long as you have an internet connection.

  • It Takes Just Seconds To Use.

    Upload WP Twin to your site, go there, and click clone. It I s that simple, you are done! Download your clone file or if you want to restore later, just upload your WP Twin clone file and then click deploy.

  • It Clones Anything And Everything

    Posts, comments, pages, permalinks, etc. Everything you want on your WP site can be clone now!

  • It Works With All Versions Of Worpress.

    What will you do if you update to the latest version of WordPress and your blog breaks? Well, if you cloned the old version, you can easily restore it. No matter what version you started or ended with.

  • It Survived The Test Of Time.

    While 98.7% of plugins and softwares die within a year of their launch, WP Twin have been constantly updated with the latest technology so you can be assured that it will work perfectly now, and forever.

  • It Is The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Weapon.

    Just imagine cloning successful sites for different longtail keywords with a single click instead of going through the manual process of creating niche sites.

  • It Clones Full Membership Sites Fast.

    No matter if use WishList Member, Optimize Press or another membership site builder 1 or 100 levels. You can clone the whole thing for a new product with just one click!

  • It Is The Perfect “ONLINE” Sales Tool.

    You can sell to offline based store. Just set up a perfect dentist optimizes WP site and sell it over and over again to different business with a click.

  • It Changes Domains Or Hosts On The Fly.

    You can move your WP site easily to a new host or new domain in just a few clicks of a button.

  • It Has Fast Customer Support.

    Rapid Crush, Inc has trained support agents operating the desk at all times so you are guaranteed to get a response to any question fast, often under 1 hour.

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WpTwin Special Pro by Ben Murray – Review

How to use WpTwin Special Pro?

You can back-up and clone your WordPress website in just 4 clicks:

CLICK 1 : Upload the clone script to your WordPress site.

CLICK 2 : Click a button to clone your WorPRess site.

CLICK 3 : Download the clone to your computer and upload to any site to deploy it.

CLICK 4 : Click to launch your clone on your new domain and marvel in delight at how easy it is.

Why should you get WpTwin Special Pro?

With WpTwin Special Pro, you will never have to build another website from scratch again. Just clone your winning website along with your theme, settings, placeholder content, layout, and now you can use this clone to create new websites in seconds without having to repeat the same work over and over.

If you take action now, you are also getting 6 full blown, already cloned sites ready to deploy over and over and use for yourself or sell including:

  1. 3X Affiliate Theme Sites to replicate for different long-tail keywords.

    Just simply clone and reuse these websites to target all kinds of niche and also long-tail keywords.

  • ‘Survival’ Niche Theme

It is a theme with some real bite. You can easily clone this gorgeous theme for survival, outdoors, or adventure niche keywords and profit easily.

  • ‘Pets’ Niche Theme

It makes you easy to suck up more engagement and traffic. It is also mobile responsive, it has Google fonts built in, and works with Woo Commerce products to set up pet affiliate products quickly.

  • ‘Home and Garden’ Theme

This theme will allow you to sell higher priced affiliate products like home and garden products easily with multiple layout options, drag/drop builder, content setting, Google fonts built in, and more.

  1. 3X DFY Online Sites to resell to brick and mortar companies.

    You can clone, tweak and resell these websites over and over again to offline biz owners, adding a bran-new income stream instantly to your business.

  • Local ‘Dentist’ Site

    There is an amazing looking site for local dentist or other local professionals with social media widgets, drag/drop builder, and more!

  • Real Estate Agent Site

    Local real estate agents are a huge market and this gorgeous theme will guarantee you to get more sales. Comes with content modules and ability to showcase listings!

  • BBQ Restaurant Theme

    It not only looks amazing, but also comes with a built-in menu generator allowing you to display menu items as a grid or list.

Those 6 READY-MADE website are fully optimized with:

  • Caching plugins, Site-map ones, Yoast SEO, etc.

  • Optimized permalilnk structure.

  • Private policy pages, about us pages, contact pages set up.

  • GEO map plugins ready to go – for offline business

PLUS, you are covered by this “10 MINUTE” 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If for some weird reason, you find that you don’t love this WpTwin Special Pro, then you are entitled to a full refund during your 30 day test-drive period.

No questions, no quibbles, no fine print.




Check here:
WpTwin Special Pro by Ben Murray – Review

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