The Best Way To Increase Income At Amazon

The Best Way To Increase Income At Amazon

After signing up to join the Amazon affiliate, the next certain step is doing optimizing. Amazon offers a sizeable commission for its publishers. However, what’s the point of big commissions if we do not succeed in selling the products.

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To increase sales on Amazon, the first main and the most important step is to increase traffic. You can do this by optimizing your SEO blog or website or do a massive promotion in social media.

The Best Way To Increase Income At Amazon
The Best Way To Increase Income At Amazon

The most effective step is absolutely by following paid advertising such as Google AdWords. But if you do not have more money, you only need patience and tenacity to increase the number of visitors. Do it gradually until it eventually increases.

After the traffic blog increase, the opportunity to earning money through Amazon is much more. Nevertheless, the numbers of visitors that is many is not a guarantee of the product you sell will sell well. You have to know the ways to put a referral link on your blog.

Here are the steps you should notice if you want to increase income from Amazon.

  • Creating blogs that promote review instead of selling goods. Giving the language that can lead somebody to click or get into Amazon to buy the product.

The Best Way To Increase Income At Amazon
The Best Way To Increase Income At Amazon
  • At each post, you don’t need to make a lot of paragraphs. Three or four paragraphs are enough. Simply post 3 paragraphs by rewriting the product description to be reviewed, but try to make it with your own language, even though it was in English. But don’t write it with your language for the technical detail, the rest should be written in unique English. You don’t need to write nicely, the point is your language can be understandable for Western people.

  • Selecting the products showed with new classification or new release. Amazon is always updating its products every time, if want to be serious just look for the products that just come out. Write those products by reviewing from the beginning to the end. It does not take long time because it only needs three paragraphs. Gradually, some of the products will be sold, one or two.

  • Choosing the best seller products. Best seller of Amazon is always updated every hour, so fickle. Use your feeling to write them. If you don’t understand English language, the best seller products are already reviewed by many buyers. Make that buyers’ reviews as your writing material.

The Best Way To Increase Income At AmazonThe Best Way To Increase Income At Amazon
The Best Way To Increase Income At Amazon
  • In addition to choose new and best-selling products, pay attention to choose the expensive products. But don’t also underestimate cheap products. Choosing expensive products is important because when it is sold, the commission is also great.

  • Designing a trap keyword for the title. There are many ways to find keywords, one of them can be seen in Google Insight.

  • Making a lot of tags. Put all the keyword research result to the tag, either the top of searches or surges. This aims to increase the search engine index. If it is a new product, just change the product type from the old model to the new model. Just be clever to outsmarted.

  • As first described above, review. In a blog post, you can also put a link leading visitors to read the full review. Enter your Amazon referral link so that they can get into your Amazon page directly.

  • Interesting opening sentences. In the early post, keep putting a link of product review being discussed to have them got into the sales page.

  • Inserting image. Image has a special magnetism for many people. In every post, try to insert the picture of product which has been completed with a link to Amazon. On the Amazon’s dashboard, this services have been provided.

  • Expanding the link to Amazon. In addition to click review, this trap usually is fitted with the words: buy from amazon, more details, see full specs, and so forth. Be creative.

Those are some tricks that can be used to increase income at Amazon. Basically, a blog which is specifically created for the sale of Amazon is not designed to make the visitors linger on the blog. The sooner they click and get into Amazon, the better it is.

The Best Way To Increase Income At Amazon
The Best Way To Increase Income At Amazon

Nevertheless, avoid to create a blog inconsequentially. Make an impression that the blog you create is indeed professional.

Once visitors click the link to Amazon through our referral, just wait for a while of what they want to buy. As long as they are shopping in a time frame of 24 hours (since click the link on our blog), the fee still come to us.

Hopefully useful…

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