Leadz Review – DOES IT REALLY WORTH?: Advanced Lead Generation For The Digital Age


Leadz Review – DOES IT REALLY WORTH?: Advanced Lead Generation For The Digital Age

Leadz review will help you to generate leads. Leads is one of the most successful in business. In here, you will not only generate leads but also you will get customers in no time flat. Getting targeted leads can given you the opportunity to generate half a million dollars in the last 12 months alone like the vendor. It is better you stop driving random traffic and start to drive highly targeted leads. It is time to find new leads, engage them and get the profits. And you don’t need:

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Blowing your budget with leads ads which seldom target the right prospects for your offers.

Then you don’t need to waste your time to create lead magnets and squeeze pages which bring out the freebie seekers who have no intention of ever buying from you.


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Leadz Review – DOES IT REALLY WORTH?: Advanced Lead Generation For The Digital Age

You don’t also need painful cold calling that leads to low self-esteem from being cursed at by business owner who hate being pitched to over the phone.

So, you need a fresh approach to lead generation which reaches out to your ideal leads where they hang out online and it means social media. Leads is the most important that you need. Like the vendor said that using targeted traffic only, help the vendor bank just shy of $20.000 in 2 days and it also helps the vendor close high ticket deals in a 1-on 1 scenario.


Leadz review – What can you get here?

You can get all the free qualified leads that you can handle.

The unique interface walks you through how creating highly engaged leads.

You can stop wasting your time and money chasing prospects which don’t to be paying customers.

Leverage a proven platform to pack your list with full of serious buyers.

Leadz review by Simon Harries and Andy Fletcher – what the best prospect that you can get here?

Hanging out on social media and it ignoring their inboxes.

It use mobile devices to access a lot of their web-based social media.

It is networking with like-minded individuals online.

It was obvious which the vendor needed a way to find and nurture leads on social media. The vendor were unsure of that platform to focus on at first. So much has been made of lead generation on Linkedln, at first the vendor though it was the logical way to go.

Twitter was not instead on their lead gen horizon until the vendor started seeing big marketing companies like HubSpot talking about how effective it was. Twitter had the other aspect that makes it ideal for lead generation and its users have the right buyer demographics. Here twitter users tend to be:

Younger adults, it is about 36% of online adults ages 18 until 29 are on the social network.

It is more likely become college graduates, it is about 29% of college graduates are on twitter versus only 20% of those with only high school diplomas.

It is higher income earners, and it is about 30% of a lot of twitter users have incomes of $75k+.


in addition, twitter is the perfect platfrom for attracting red hot leads to look for top-end products and services like yours. So, how do you find the ideal prospects on twitter when you only have 140 characters? Here this led to another problems that the vendor found with Twitter lead generartion:

How could the vendor effectively track who had tweeted?

How could the vendor creates a systematic follow up sequence for prospects that the vendor identified as being good matches to what the vendor had to offer?

When was the best time to direct message new prospects in finding out more about their goods and services?

How could the vendor automates the entire lead generation process as much as possible?

And Andy’s experience as a top-notch software developer was about become put to the test.

Twitter lead gen automation as it’s never been done before. The vendor recognized which to generate as many leads as they could, there was a need to automate the process with software. However, if you have ever used twitter, you have seen bots tweeting scammy offers and the vendor wanted a completely different type of software. The vendor wanted to attract the best prospects and engage with them in a meaningful way that would prime them become responsive to their offers. So, they agreed which completely automating the process of finding and engaging with prospects was not the way to go. Generating qualified leads on Twitter with their software exceeded their wildest expectations. The vendor based on their own results how powerful generating twitter leads could be. Now there was only one thing left to do before unveiling the vendor’s software to business owner everywhere and you can see if a group of testers could get the same kind of results that the vendor were getting. And bet a testers agree that this is the best lead gen software. They were not disappointing. Their testers were thrilled with how many qualified leads that they could almost effortlessness generate. And no needing to cold call or worry their emails were getting caught in filters and never seen and how much less opened.


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Leadz Review – DOES IT REALLY WORTH?: Advanced Lead Generation For The Digital Age

Leadz review is advanced lead generation for the digital age. Even of running expensive lead ad campaigns on Facebook or wasting your time schmoozing on Linkedln, so get a lot of the highly qualified leads which you can handle and keep them rolling in day-after-day, month-after-month with Leadz.io. It is revolutionary because not only does it find relevant leads for you too and it gives you also a complete action plan for interacting with your new prospects.

You can watch the Demo Video below to find how your lead gen results are about to change forever.

TO get fresh, responsive leads has never been so simple. There are 5 simple steps in the process:

1 – create new campaign

you can enter a keyword related to your ideal audience and click the search button. Then filter your search by both positive and negative operators to drill deep into your prospect list so you cab target only the most motivated leads. You can find the most qualified leads by hiding profiles with defaults avatars and filtering leads by minimum number of friends, followers and tweets. You will be able to view a lot of leads generated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis at a glance.

2 – enable easy engage to create semi-automated engagements with your leads

it is easy to engage and takes your leads through a steps process to turn them into your twitter followers.

3 – view and engage with your leads and close the some sale

each day, Leadz.io will create a new suggested action that automatically moves your leads to the next action step – leading up to direct messaging your lead with your offer.

Your hungry leads who want and need your goods and services are warmed up with Leadz.io’s easy engage feature. Easy engage feature is creating micro commitments that encourage your leads to take small actions. These small actions will create the trust people need to buy from you. When the time is right, easy engage will help you to send your leads a perfect direct message with your offer and one they will already be primed for.

You will also get exclusive the bonuses:

Bonus 1 – Unlimited Accounts ($4927)

You will be able to add unlimited twitter accounts all for the price of 1. you can grow Leadz in multiple niches with connecting as many accounts as you want. After launch week, it will cost well over $400.

Bonus 2 – Bonus Webinar ($500 an hour)

Join Simon lives on a very special livetraining. Simon Charges $500 an hour to speak on Webinars and live event where he holds his famous, and all in Q and A. this is where Simon will not hold anything back and will give you all the answers that you seek to some question related to business.

Bonus 3 – The VIP facebook group

The VIP Facebook group, it accesses to the Leadz secret VIP group where his self and other top online marketers will be working together with you. Your success really depends on who you know and network with the circle that you surround your self in is key to fast tracking your success and holding you accountable to get the results.

Leadz review is 100% of 30 day money back guarantee. So get this software soon.


Check here:
Leadz Review – DOES IT REALLY WORTH?: Advanced Lead Generation For The Digital Age

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