11 Ways To Increase Blog/Website Visitors Quickly

11 Ways To Increase Blog/Website Visitors Quickly

11 Ways To Increase Blog/Website Visitors Quickly

11 Ways To Increase Blog/Website Visitors Quickly – Multiplying the number of visitors or blog traffic certainly needs accurate SEO techniques. Without good SEO techniques, you are possibly going to be like some bloggers whose articles are much more than the amount of visitors obtained each day.

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11 Ways To Increase Blog/Website Visitors Quickly
11 Ways To Increase Blog/Website Visitors Quickly

There are many tips and tricks offered and taught by the SEO master, whether it is free until paid. Well, the followings tips on how to increase visitors to your blog or website that I will share is the conclusion of my experience in applying several SEO theories that I got from the blogs that I managed.

The ways to increase blog or website visitors quickly:

  1. Make quality articles and friendly SEO.

    For me, the quality of the article is one most important thing. Make articles as much as possible, as if after reading article you create, the readers needs no longer to search and read other articles outside your blog. As if necessary, give them images to make the readers understand your article with ease. In addition, if your goal of making articles is to get a lot of visitors, so you should create article which the most sought-after in the virtual world. So in making articles, we should also have to look at market interest.

    Learn: How to write articles that are SEO friendly. (Important!!)

  2. Choose a domain containing niche in the front

    11 Ways To Increase Blog/Website Visitors Quickly11 Ways To Increase Blog/Website Visitors Quickly
    11 Ways To Increase Blog/Website

    If you are just about to start and do not have a domain, choose a domain which contains niche but don’t choose too long niche. Just like my blog, this one. Because I target on the niche “cara”, so I choose carapedi.com as domain. It aims to strengthen your SEO blog because the domain names will also be read by search engine.

  3. Speed up loading page

    This is my experience when I was using one of the local hosting. Blog was difficult to be up because the server was often down, even though I already used business packet for nearly price of 700 thousands for six months. Therefore, the visitors could not read the article they look for, even read other article to increase the page view. Moreover, when the server was down, the search engine would find “Error Not Found” so it could destroy SEO blog. After I moved to Hawkhost, my traffic skyrocketed recently because since that time, the Hawkhost server had never been down and the loading was getting faster. Google itself in 2009 announced that the speed of loading page blog was one important factor to score the SEO of a blog. The price in Hawkhost was also chep, if there was a promo of basic packet, it would cost 150 thousands to a year (capable to accommodate visitors up to 15 thousand per day). Thus, before buying, find the coupon of hawkhost in search engine because almost every month there are promos.

    Learn more: 8 Tips On How TO Choose Hosting Appropriately

  4. Put a visitor counter Histats

    11 Ways To Increase Blog/Website Visitors Quickly
    11 Ways To Increase Blog/Website Visitors Quickly

    With this way, in addition we can find out the number of visitors, we can also:

  1. Write articles in accordance with public requirements. By using Histats, we can know which articles are requested mostly by the visitors, so that we can multiply articles from that category. For example, it turns out that the most visitors in my English blog is about “English national exam of Junior High School”. If that article has a lot of visitors, it is certain that if we write article of “English National Exam of Senior High School”, the visitors will also a lot.

  2. Write the article according to the city with the most visitors. Histat can also show the visitors statistic from different city according to the highest order. We can utilize it by writing articles related to the city. For instance, because Jakarta is the most visitors, we can write articles about the Best English Course in Jakarta.

  3. Spreading links on fan page like facebook, twitter, and google plus at any given time. The way is just look at the visitors statistics by the category of time/hour. Time with the most visitors shows that at that time there are people using internet. So, when we spread the status containing link, it will not be closed by FB status and other twitters.

  1. Install plugin required

    There are many plugins which are recommended to boost the SEO score of a blog. Howevre, from the vary of them, the most commonly used are:

  • All in one seo pack or Yoast


  • Simple Social Buttons

  1. Make A Social Fan Page

    11 Ways To Increase Blog/Website Visitors Quickly
    11 Ways To Increase Blog/Website

    Like Facebook, twitter and google plus. If you do not have it yet, create and post a link in social accpunts immediately so your friends or the like doers can see the latest posts from your blog. If the title is interesting and tickling, it will certainly bring great visitors. I ever made a post about: The Way To Track One’s Position With HP, after I shared it on Fanpage, after 4 hours, it was opened by 150 visitors more.

  2. Share with good time and way

    In my opinion, share feed of article in social media also has its own technique. Try to share it on the particular time when many people are online, such as after the evening prayer time. This is done to avoid your feed that you have shared to social network will not covered by the status of your friends of your prospective visitors in your blog. Besides, even only giving brief description, you have to be smart to process tickling words to attract the visitors to open, as well as a thumbnail or a photo. Try to use photo with size 400 x 250 pixel so that the photos look bigger and displayed on the top of the feed. Because if it is less than that size, it can be seen only beside the feed. The easy explanation, please copy this url article, then paste it into column of your facebook status (no need to post, but if you post it, thanks :)). And look where the position of the image of the feed is located.

  3. Answer questions in the forum

    Join question and answer like Yahoo Answer, Kaskus, or Facebook groups depends on your niche or theme. Then interact and answer questions well. But don’t answer all questions, ask the questioner to visit the link pointing to your blog on the final answer for more details. This method is effective to bring in visitors and indirectly it also already make article backlink that we have made.

  4. Multiply the related posts

    Try to update articles every day when you are building a blog. And create articles which are sustainable each other. For example, I am writing about how to multiply blog visitors right now, so the next writing is how to write articles that SEO Friendly. And put other related articles link as I made in the point 1 and 3 above. It aims to raise the SEO rankings of other articles in your blog. After running for 1 month and the traffic seems promising, then you don’t need to create articles every day. Even one of my blog has almost never been updated for 1 year, but the visitors are still stale, about 18 thousands per day. However, avoid copy paste too much without any change. To be more safe, create posts from your own experience of if you have no idea, read the article on other blogs then create article to your own editor.

  5. Register/submit you blog id:

    11 Ways To Increase Blog/Website Visitors Quickly
    11 Ways To Increase Blog/Website Visitors Quickly
  • Leading search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. This is done to make your blog are listed on the search engine list.

  • RSS Feed Burner by using your gmail account. If you don’t have, create gmail account first.

  1. Create quality backlinks

    Visit to high-traffic blogs which is appropriate with your blog theme and then comment on it well by asking or commenting articles material first, then you put link in your blog. This is necessary because google search for our articles by using a network. The more our url on other blogs, the easier it is to find by search engine. Even though many people argue that this way is not effective anymore, but still, there is no harm in trying.

Thereby a little information about the way to increase blog/web visitors quickly. Hopefully useful and successfully. If you like this article, please share with giving like, tweet or comment below.

Thank you.

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