The Best Way To Promote Affiliate Product Via Blog in 2017

The Best Way To Promote Affiliate Product Via Blog in 2017
The Best Way To Promote Affiliate Product Via Blog in 2017

The Best Way To Promote Affiliate Product Via Blog in 2017

Promoting affiliate products is one way to monetize blog that I recommended previously. The reason is because the commission is quite great and the process is not difficult. Promoting affiliate products on a blog is as easy as creating new content. For those, who want to understand the way more, just keep reading.

The Best Way To Promote Affiliate Product Via Blog in 2017
The Best Way To Promote Affiliate Product Via Blog in 2017

Previously, read this article about the definition of affiliate marketing if you do not know yet.

Making a blog as a platform of affiliate marketing means that you will promote various products on your blog. If you make a mistake in doing promotion, your loyal readers will run away.

Even though in the earlier I said it is easy, a lot of bloggers do not have the correct mindset to become an affiliate marketer. Therefore, follow these concepts below.

Build relationships with your readers

The more you trust your visitors, the higher possibility they are buying the product that you are promoting. Hence it is important to establish good relations and build trust between the blog’s owner and the readers.

Build the traffic first

It is good if you have regular visitors first before starting to monetize with any technique, including affiliate marketing.

Just imagine if the first article, you directly promote the product, new visitors who visit your website will not like it.

Promote products that are really good

No matter how hard your attempt to promote a product, if the product itself is not good so there will be nothing to buy.

Don’t be tempted by the commission percentage offered by affiliate products. Just make sure that the quality is totally good and the people who use that product are satisfied.

Even better if you promote products that you already used or you are using.

Don’t do frequently

I have seen many blogs with this. Each blog article is created only to promote a product. Moreover, the blog is purposely created only to put the affiliate links.

As a result, your visitors will not get any advantage from your blog.

Products which are relevant to the blog

It is useless if your blog is abut guitars but you promote fitness products. Who wants to buy then?

Promote products which are in the same category. For example if your blog is about WordPress tutorials, so promote WordPress plugin.

Well, those are 5 mindset that you should remember and apply. Now let’s start the steps from zero.

The steps to promote affiliate products

  1. Register in affiliate network

    first thing we have to do is of course to register in the affiliate network. There are some networks that I can recommend for the beginners:

  • Amazon – physical products

  • Clickbank – digital products

  • Warriorplus – Internet product marketing

  • JVZoo – Internet product marketing

  • Envato – templates, scripts, plugins, graphic, design

Registration in the affiliate network above is not difficult and it does not require any requirements.

  1. Choose the affiliate products

    After registering an account in the affiliate network, select the affiliate products you are going to promote. From the 5 concepts above, there are some guides you can use to choose the products.

    Choose the product that is suitable with the topic of your blog, and choose the best.

    A good product usually can be seen from the number of review, total rating, the number of buyers, etc. Almost all affiliate network has also a feature to sort products from the best-selling.

  1. The alternative to choose products and register

    if the first and second steps above we choose a network first then register, we can also do the opposite with choosing the product first then register in the network.

    For example, now that in my blog I use Genesis Framework which provides affiliate program, so I want to recommend this product.

    The way is by finding out the details of the affiliate program in the website and then register in that network.

    For the Genesis Framework, they use ShareASale network. Thus, in order to promote this product, I signed up there. There are also products that do not use affiliate network, it is same.

  1. Save link affiliate

    Every product and the network has a different link. Save the links for all products you want t promote to a notepad or other documents to make the process easy.

  2. Create the content

    Since we are using blog as a media to promote products, then we have to create the content. The content that is commonly used is usually in the form of article or video.

    Follow guides in this article to make a good article.

Here are some types of content that is effective to insert affiliate links, along with the tips.

  1. Content of product review

    The most common and effective way is creating content in the form of a product review. People looking for a product review is usually ready to buy. You job is just convince them.

    Here are the rules of making content review that you should obey to create effective and trustworthy content:

  1. Be honest. Don’t lie about the product you review, don’t also mention the strengths only. If there are also weaknesses of the product, mention them too.

  2. Personal. In reviewing the product, use personal tone like “I” and “you”. So the content you create is really you own review and recommendation.

  3. Don’t review a product that is not good.

  1. Content of collection and comparison

    With a content of collection and comparison, you can promote more than one product at one time in a single article. Here are the examples of the content of collection and also comparison of product:

  1. 30+ tools for bloggers

  2. 5 best responsive WordPRess templates

  3. 7 Plugins to prevent your block of getting hacked

  4. Genesis framework vs Thesis framework – which one is better

  1. Tutorial content

    Sometimes, you can also insert affiliate links to the content in the form of tutorial. The example of tutorial is “How to Create a Professional Blog With WordPRess”

    in the article, I can put some affiliate links like Bluehost as a blog hosting provider, NameCheap as a domain service, plugins recommendation, and template recommendation.

  2. Tutorial of discounts

    Discounts are also effective because it means that they are ready to buy. There are indeed affiliate products that give cheaper price if it is purchased from an affiliate link or coupon rather than buying directly.

  1. Ads Banner

    You can also promote affiliate product not only by the content but also by the banner with image like AdSense. Some products provide banner size which is similar to AdSEnse for example 336×280, 300×250, 468×60, and so forth.

    It it is not provided, you can also create your own banner.


There are two advantageous of promoting affiliate products via blog than by advertising. Firstly, it does not affect website display, and secondly, you will get much higher commissions.

Promoting great affiliate products in the right way will enables you to get a great rate of conversion. The reason is because as you can see from the tutorial above that this product is “merge” with the website and content.

Any question or comment?

So far, there is only 6.43% of brilliant comments that are approved. Don’t waste your time to do spam here.

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3 Business Strategies To Increase Accumulation Commission In An Instant

3 Business Strategies To Increase Accumulation Commission In An Instant
3 Business Strategies To Increase Accumulation Commission In An Instant

3 Business Strategies To Increase Accumulation Commission In An Instant

Are you running an affiliate business? Learn the following 3 business strategies to increase your commission in an instant. In the affiliate business, you don’t need to have a website/blog, have customer contacts, and always review and develop the products. Because all of them have been prepared by the vendor and we just need to promote them.

3 Business Strategies To Increase Accumulation Commission In An Instant
3 Business Strategies To Increase Accumulation Commission In An Instant

Let’s assume that you have run that affiliate program from the vendor. The next crucial thing that you will absolutely do is multiplying your commission, right? So, how can you achieve it?

Here are some of the business strategies on how to increase commissions from affiliate program that you run in just an instant.

The first business strategy: recognizing the product and the best program to promote

3 Business Strategies To Increase Accumulation Commission In An Instant
3 Business Strategies To Increase Accumulation 

You surely want to promote a program or product that will give you huge advantages in a short time, don’t you? There are several things you should consider in selecting such a program. Choose a merchant or vendor who has a good commission structure, has products that are suitable with the target audiences that you target, as well as has a good track record in paying commission to their affiliate easily and on time. If you think that they do not meet those criteria, just forget and leave the program immediately and look for others better affiliate program.

There are hundreds, even thousands of affiliate programs on market which are ready to choose. Make sure you choose the best program in order to avoid loss of time and cost in the promoting process.

You can try to create a simple ebook and distribute it through your blog or site. There will be a possibility that we are competing with other affiliates to promote the same product. By creating a brief review of the ebook that explains about the product or service being promoted will make you one step ahead and set us apart from other affiliates.

In that review, provide valuable information for free and if it is possible, provide some recommendations about the product. With ebook, your credibility will increase and customers will be attracted to try what you offer.

The second business strategy: Collecting and saving the email addresses

3 Business Strategies To Increase Accumulation Commission In An Instant
3 Business Strategies To Increase Accumulation Commission In An Instant

The fact you should know is that most people do not make a purchase of a product at the first time of call. It may need to send the message up to six times to get the sale.

That is the simple reason of why you need to collect contact information from people who download your ebook freely. Furthermore, we can do follow up on these contacts in order to make purchases of products that we offer.

Get the contact information of a prospect before pointed to the vendor’s website. Remember that you will receive a commission only if you make a sale, not every time people do click and get into the vendor’s website. If you directly send them to the vendor’s website, they may be lost forever.

Publishing an online bulletin or e-zine will allows you to gain your customers’ trust. Remember that recommending a product to someone you already know will be better than selling to strangers.

This strategy is a delicate balance between providing useful information with a sales promotion. If you continue to write informative editorials, you will be able to create a sense of reciprocity from your visitors and as a result, they will buy products that you recommend.

The third business strategy: Asking a higher commission to the vendor

3 Business Strategies To Increase Accumulation Commission In An Instant
3 Business Strategies To Increase 

If you are successful in promoting a particular product, you can try to negotiate related to the amont of commission you will get from the vendors.

If they are smart, you probably will receive the higher amount of commission than the standard, rather than they lose assets just like you. Keep in mind that you are their asset with zero risk. So don’t be shy to try to propose the additional commission from them.

Try some of the above business strategies and we wait for the results in the foreseeable time. Don’t be surprised if your commission earnings will increase dramatically in a short time.

Good luck!

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